2019 Season Ending Fri Apr 5, 2019

We made it to April this season! That’s one for the record books. It was an amazing year for trail riding here in District 11 but it’s time to close up for the season. We will be closing trails within NBSC over the next 2 days, unfortunately you’ll be seeing red on the ITG.
We have to give a huge THANK YOU 🙏🏻 for all the support we received this season. SHOUT OUTS to the Groomer Operators for making the trails so amazing to ride 😘
Volunteers for the hours put in to getting the trails ready & maintaining during the season 👍
Local Businesses for supporting all the riders with either gas, meals or accommodations you make us one of the best Districts (in my opinion 🤫)
Thank you to the OPP and our trail ambassadors for keeping our trails safe this season 👊🏻
Last but not least you guys! Thanks for a great season we can’t wait to have you back next year!


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