NBSC trails Closed All OFSC trails close Sat Mar 21,2020

Due to the pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the constantly changing updates and directives from all levels of government, the OFSC is taking proactive measures to support efforts to reduce the spread of this worldwide pandemic.

These are unprecedented times and like many other responsible businesses we are taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of you, your families, our communities and businesses across the province.

Yesterday, the OFSC Board of Governors made a formal decision to cease trail operations and grooming effective immediately on any trails which are still available to the public. Effective midnight,Saturday, March 21st all OFSC Prescribed Snowmobile Trails in Ontario will be closed and anyone accessing such trails from that date forward will be trespassing. This advance notification will provide all remaining touring snowmobilers ample time to get home.

We thank our volunteers – especially those who drive the groomers for so many long hours.

We also thank the many land owners who allow us to use their property for our trails. Without them, the trail system would not be possible.

Thanks also to the OPP SAVE Team for keeping our trails safe.


Please note: 1) Closed trails means CLOSED TRAILS. Most trails use private property. These private landowner properties are NOT accessible during closed conditions.

2) Spring breakup is a very unsafe time of year as lakes, ponds, swamps and creeks start to open up. Ice conditions are unstable and completely unsafe. We encourage everyone to stay off trails and ice during this very unsafe time.


Thank you all for helping us get the word out.

Only 8 months until we start this all over again! We are counting the days!

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