Thank You District 4 ,Dufferin Drift Busters & OFSC

We want to give a Huge Thank You to District 4, Dufferin Drift Busters Snowmobile Club & the OFSC who have lent District 11 & the North Bay Snowmobilers Club a 2011 Husky to utilize for remainder of the season.

With this extra help we are able to keep our trails in top-notch condition for everyone’s riding pleasure.

We’ve been receiving a lot of sledders already this season & are happy to have them ride NBSC & District 11 trails this groomer is a great added asset this season!

We even managed to get District 4 & some Orangeville Snowmobile Club members out for a ride on the trails. We were able to get some pictures of them with their Husky, unfortunately

Steve McCarthy the President of the Dufferin Drift Busters was unable to make the trip but without him this might not of happened.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

From the pictures it looked liked they had fun, even in the cold weather!

Zen Slipenkyj (Governor District 4)

Grant Parkinson (Club President Orangeville Snowmobile Club /Groomer coordinator District 4)

John Miller (NBSC Club President/ Trails Coordinator District 11)

Grant Parkinson (Club President Orangeville Snowmobile Club/Groomer coordinator District 4 )

Zen Slipenkyj (Governor District 4)

John Miller (NBSC Club President/Trails Coordinator District 11)

David Fraser (Treasurer Orangeville Snowmobile Club)

Rob Liegghio (Club Volunteer Orangeville Snowmobile Club)

Grant Parkinson (Groomer Coordinator District 4)

Joe Sammut (Volunteer Orangeville Snowmobile Club)

Frank Cutruzzola (District 4 Treasurer)

Mike O’Connor (Volunteer Orangeville Snowmobile Club)

Zen Slipenkyj (District 4 Governor)

Michael Schuetz (Trail Captain Orangeville Snowmobile Club)

Jeff Corner (District 4 Groomer Operator & Orangeville Snowmobile Club Volunteer)

David Fraser (Treasurer Orangeville Snowmobile Club)

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