Trail Status - Monday April 06, 2020




Trail Status Length Comments
A112A – A2 to NB300

A2 to NB300

A112A – A2 to Mica Mine (MASC)
11 km
14 km
43 km
5 km

Closed for 2020 Season

A102Q – A/D to Big Jocko River @ FCMQ Trail 63
36 kms



Logging present

Caution : Road has been plowed from loggers for approx 14kms (minimal snow coverage) from previous logging activity

Ride with caution


Les Voyageurs Sur Neige de Temiscaming have assumed responsibility for the 12 km section of trail from Big Jocko River to Ottawa River bridges at Temiscaming, QC and will be signed as FCMQ 63.


17 km

Closed for 2020 Season

Logging in progress, ride with caution.
Approx 3 Km’s of plowed, shared road

10 km

Closed for for 2020 season due to unsafe bridges.

8 km


NB304 to Lookout is a dead-end trail

39 km

Logging is in progress through out the 2020 season , ride with caution.

Aprox 8kms of shared, plowed & sanded road


Gas Locations

The Portage on Trout Lake on TOP AD at Trout Lake is open 6 days a week (closed Monday).  They have premium gas and restaurant.

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Noon to 9 pm
Wednesday – Noon to 9 pm
Thursday – Noon to 9 pm
Friday – Noon to 11pm
Saturday – Noon to 10 pm
Sunday – Noon to 8pm


Redbridge General Store on Songis Road at Highway 63 – just off NB300 has regular gas, octane boost available, open 7 days a week.

Mr. Gas on TOP D at Highway 17 is open 7 Days a week – They have regular and premium gas.

Camp Conewango on BF201/NB A112A has PREMIUM GAS  10am-5pm daily , if Restaurant is not open , Ring Bell at door for service

Trapper Trading Post on TOP A at Marten River is open 7 days a week – They have regular and premium gas and food.

The Rock Pine Motel & Restaurant  on TOP A, just south of Marten River. They have gas and food 7 days a week.

Please confirm the hours of these locations before you leave


Cedar Gables Lodge is on BF201 just north of Highway 17. Phone 705.776.2335. Website is

The Dinner Bell Motel & Restaurant is on BF201 at the intersection of Highway 17 & Sec. Hwy. 531 Website is

Camp Conewango  & Restaurant on BF201/NB A112A has weatherized cabins for rent during the winter season.  Restaurant is open Thurs- Mon 11am- 5pm  & have Gluten Free options. Website is

The Rock Pine Motel & Restaurant is on TOP A, just south of Marten River. They have accommodations, gas and food 7 days a week. Website is

Trailer Parking Locations

No Security – Use at Your Own Risk:

  1. Sand Dam Road (View Map)

    • Right turn off Highway 11 (Algonquin Avenue) approximately 19.5 kms north of Highway 17 intersection
    • Plowed parking lot on your right 100 metres from Highway 11 intersection
    • Sand Dam Road also has a sign “Waste Facility”
    • Exit out rear of parking lot and you immediately intersect AA102Q trail.
    • Left to Temiskaming and to NB308 intersection.
    • Right and cross Highway 11 and you immediately intersect TOP AD trail.
  2. The Portage (View Map)
    • 170 Peninsula Road just off Highway 63
    • Plowed parking lot with lighting and a loading ramp.
    • Gas available and restaurant.
    • Located right on TOP AD and seconds to TOP A1, TOP A2 and TOP D.
    • *$15 per day  – Permission from Owner required
  3. Redbridge General Store on Highway 63 (View Map)
    • Daily parking only
    • Go down Songis Road 500 metres to access NB300
    • Gas available
    • *Permission from Owner required.
  4. The Dinner Bell Restaurant & Hotel (View Map)

    • Highway 17 at Bonfield turnoff (Sec. Hwy 531) on BF201 trail.
    • Restaurant and Motel.
    • *Permission from Owner required. $10 per day and Food Voucher for $10 issued that can be redeemed for meals in the Restaurant.