Fun Facts About online casino

7 Fun Facts About online casino

Online games and casinos take the internet by storm and become only more and more powerful as time goes by. The entertainment is unmatched with exciting games and tournaments while increasing winning chances and greater variety captures more and more players. The interest is great, and there are just as many things we know about the game world on the market, but the more we don’t know. Here’s a list of seven things you probably had no idea about!

1. Women vs men

Women vs men

When you look at the relationship between female and male gamblers, men are superior. Close to 84% of all casino players are men. However, if you look to history’s first to get a legal casino license ever, it was issued to a woman in Las Vegas named Mayme Stocker in 1920. An ordinary woman and a mother of three at that time in the working class.

2. Monte Carlo

The Great Gatsby in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is well known for being the luxurious home of both Formula 1 Grand Prix and Grace Kelly of Monaco. But most of all, the city is famous for its casino that was built in 1858. In Monte Carlo casino, there is an access ban on Monaco’s citizens since the 1800s, and it is illegal for them to play. In addition, 5% of casino profits contribute to the country’s economic revenues.

3. She

Film 21

Everyone who has seen the film 21 with Jim Sturgess and Oscar-winning Kevin Spacey in the lead also know what card counting is and Means. An advanced technique that is based on the ratio of high and low cards in the remaining deck to obtain a long-term advantage at the casino and which, incidentally, is fully permitted in the game of Blackjack despite many attempts to stem it.

4. ” voluntary exclusion”

voluntary exclusion

It may not sound really wise, but you can actually ban yourself from casino gaming. A so-called voluntary exclusion programme has been established that allows players to ban themselves from gambling in order to combat gambling addiction. If a person who has signed up on the banning list tries to enter the casino or even plays, he risks a fine or arrest, and any recorded money will be invalidated. This program is sometimes found elsewhere in the Canada, United States, England, Australia and South Africa.

5. percentage statistics

33% call themselves professional gamblers

There are no longer many who are loyal casino visitors, only 10% of all players play on land-based offline slots while as many as 90% play on online casinos. One more fun thing is that as many as 33% call themselves professional gamblers.

6. Lotteries

Hand scratching lottery card

What many do not know is that many well-developed online casinos offer more than just gambling. The most popular type of gambling is gambling on various forms of lotteries, and the fact is that as many as 55% of the world’s population plays on some kind of lottery.

7. Demo Game

Demo Game on PC Laptop and mobile

For those who think that the game process itself is more fun and entertaining than the interest to play for themselves a large amount of money, which of course also attracts, then there are options. Many online casinos without registration have built-in features in their games that offer free gambling and demo games for those who may first try the game before depositing money. You can also audition for free on several sites without first having to create an account and be logged in.