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What is a wagering requirement?

A wagering requirement consists of the number of times you must wager your bonus, and in some cases, even your first deposit before you can withdraw funds from your account. If the claim is not met, the bonus money will be lost, and you can’t make any withdrawal on the winnings even if the account is far from empty. In cases where your own deposit is not included in the casino’s wagering requirements, you must, of course, keep that amount.

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Common wagering requirements

You will notice that current wagering requirements vary quite widely between different online casinos. However, the most common thing is that you have to wager the bonus, and sometimes the deposit itself, between 20 and 50 times. In most cases, the conditions are quite uncomplicated, but one may encounter more intricate requirements. This is especially true of so-called Invite-in-a-Friend bonuses.

These generally require the friend you invite to become a customer, make a deposit and wager their bonus before you can get your reward in the form of a bonus. Once you receive this bonus, this must also be wagered before the withdrawal is possible.

Casino bonus without wagering requirements

There are also some niche online casinos, which from the start made themselves known by using slogans, graphics and other advertising that directly relates to the actual wagering requirements. The same as there are gaming sites that, in different ways, are aimed at high rollers or players who prefer live casinos, so usually want casinos with low wagering requirements to be seen and heard as loud and clear with their focus.